Jacksonville Cabinet & Kitchen Design Certified Specialists

Kim Bright
Design Specialist
Licensed Realtor

Kim Bright owner of R Cabinet Studio and serial home renovator, is originally from Ohio. She moved from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville over 8 years ago with a mission to establish a successful “one stop shop”, offering cabinetry, design, concierge and real estate services. Achieving her goal, she started R Cabinet Studio. Once a small cabinetry shop, the company has now grown into her dream company, offering real estate and design services, cabinetry, home concierge services and her newest endeavor, R Home, an online service to help clients simplify their renovation and design needs.

Kim has always had a natural ability to find unique properties with an eye for design and renovations. She works hands on with her clients helping them not only with the real estate transactions, but with all their design needs. Kim resides in Atlantic Beach with her husband and daughter. She is active in several charitable organizations and her church. An avid runner, she loves cooking, traveling, snow skiing and yoga.


Lauren True

Lauren True grew up in Lighthouse Point, Florida and graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Florida State University. She has worked in interior design for 15 years on a variety of projects including remodels and new construction for both residential and commercial projects, giving her well-rounded experience with many aspects of architecture, design, cabinetry, and construction. She has always loved to design and create and enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them create beautiful spaces to meet their personal needs. She gives great attention to detail throughout the entire design process. Lauren lives in Ponte Vedra and enjoys spending time with her two children and large family.


David Marshall
Designer, Project Manager

David Marshall was born and raised in Boston, MA. The summer weather and some good friends called him to move his family to Florida. David has been schooled in architectural design and is also a General Contractor. He has worked from the conceptual stage to the complete design of several homes, making him able to fully coordinate and schedule a job from start to finish. He is also a talented designer with a knack for designing unusual spaces and using them to their utmost potential. By owning and operating several successful businesses, he has learned a multitude of valuable lessons and has become an experienced project manager as well.